NARIP Music Supervisor Session with Mary Ramos

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Naz-Sect Publishing, LLCOn the evening of Wednesday March 25, 2015 I attended a NARIP Music Supervisor session where Mary Ramos was the guest. For those who don’t know who Mary Ramos is, have you ever heard of the famous director and writer Quentin Tarantino?

Mary Ramos is basically the Music Supervisor for all his movies, plus many other films, click here to see her film resume on IMDB.

Needless to say I was very excited to participate in this session and have our writers music played before an industry professional and hear her responses first hand. Before I go into how the evening went and what Mary thought about the songs I presented  I wanted to touch on NARIP real quick.

NARIP is the company that actually made this meeting possible. NARIP stands for the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals. Tess Taylor is the President of NARIP which touts itself as “The biggest music business network in the World.” For more info on NARIP visit their web-site at

This Music Supervisor session took place in Los Angeles, CA at the SAE Institute of Technology. I was not able to be there physically, but thanks to NARIP I was able to pitch, talk to and ask questions via Google Hangout. Notice the small picture with the red arrow pointing to it (that’s me).

Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC


The first song I played for Mary was for a specific brief provided to all of the attendees before the session.

After listening to the first song I played (shown above), Mary said,
“That’s Great! That’s Great!”

Then Tess Taylor wanting to clarify even more asked Mary,
“Is that a good replacement? Does that Work?”

Her response was,
“Yes it does… Yes…”

Then Mary went on to discuss and explain how music budgets work in the film industry, depending upon how big of a production and what kind of finances the film has.

All in all, I had an awesome experience. If we end up getting the placement, I’ll come back and update this post, but either way, I would highly recommend attending a NARIP session if you have the music and funds available.

It is very difficult to get an opportunity where you can GUARANTEE that a Music Supervisor will actually listen to your music, let alone give you feedback. Tess and the rest of people at NARIP make this possible year around for up and coming publishers like myself, songwriters, producers and anybody that has music to pitch in the business.


Check out this video below and hear from Mary Ramos herself…



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