How Hungry Are You??

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How Hungry Are You??

You ever went out with your friends, but just recently ate? Everybody is ordering food, you figure I might as well order something too, EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE NOT HUNGRY.

Your just following suit, other people are ordering food so you figure, “I MIGHT AS WELL ORDER SOME FOOD TOO.”

But you’re NOT really hungry, if you we’re hungry you’d order a whole meal and make sure you left the restaurant FULL.

“Instead you just order fries, that’s a good snack right?”

In the same vein, there’s a bunch people trying to chase dreams and goals that their not really hungry for. Everybody is doing it (going to college, making music, getting a job, etc.) You figure why not?

It’s obvious when someone is NOT HUNGRY and trying to chase dreams. They do the least amount of work possible to accomplish their goal, they send out a couple tweets, they barely write songs, they barely engage with their supposed goals and wonder why they are NOT SUCCESSFUL.

On the other hand, when someone is REALLY HUNGRY, nothing could stop them from eating. Whether they’re rich or poor it doesn’t matter, they go out of their way to make sure they satisfy their hunger.

Are You Hungry for your goals or just snacking?

I’ve made a list of 10 Traits of really hungry people, see if you find yourself in this list.


1. Hungry people find creative ways to accomplish their goals, they don’t just keep doing the same things over and over that don’t work.


2. Hungry people are NOT EASILY distracted. (try to stop a hungry man from eating, good luck LoL)


3. Hungry people don’t make a lot of excuses, they find ways to get things done!

4. Hungry People don’t stop because friends and family tell them to give up. (Their stomach is too busy growling to listen to that) 


5. Hungry people have something inside of them that won’t let them rest until they have accomplished their goals or have reached their dreams.


6. Hungry People are often uncomfortable doing anything, that isn’t their dreams, they just feel like they are wasting time.


7. Hungry people are NOT SLOW. If they see an opportunity, they don’t wait days and weeks to jump on said opportunity that has made itself available.


8. Hungry People are irritated by those claiming to be hungry when really those people just want a snack! They feel these people are wasting their time.


9. Hungry People, love to eat! This seems obvious, but when someone is doing what they feel they are called to do, they never want to stop, they love it! Sometimes they have to be reminded to do something else…


10. Last but NOT least, Hungry People will often put themselves in harms way just to get a taste of what they’re hungry for, they can’t help it, their goals and dreams are their life and they’d risk almost anything… Almost.




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