2015 Nashville Film Fest

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I attended this event for the 1st time last year so I was really excited to come again this year and see all that the Film Fest had to offer. Unfortunately I did not watch any films this year as the films I wanted to see conflicted with the REAL reason I came to the Film Fest.

I know your probably wondering, why would you go to a film fest if your not there to see films?


Well I’ll tell you, I’m a Music Publisher, my focus and reason for attending the film fest is to meet, greet and learn from the people that place music in these films. I also gave away flash drives to many of the panelists (see image on the right).

So when faced with the dilemma of seeing a new film OR meeting John Houlihan, (Music Supervisor for John Wick), the choice is easy, the movie will have to wait!!




I attended a total of 4 music panels over the course of 3 days at the Nashville Film Fest this year. 

1. Shoot and Score: Music in Video Games
2. Music Makes Movies: Song Placement in 2015
3. Bands and Brands: Generating Dollars and Exposure for Music in the Ad World
4. Beyond the Sync Fee

(picture below is from www.benfolds.com/node/784)


I was excited today. This was the first music panel. “…Music in Video Games”. It was held at the Grand Victor RCA Recording Studio here in Nashville.

Today the featured guest was Steven Schnur of EA Games. If your not familiar with EA Games they are responsible for major games such as The SIMS, Madden NFL 15, NBA Live 2015, FIFA 15 and about 127+ more games.

Steve held no punches, he answered questions about how they find music, how they find composers etc. I took some video from the event, see what he had to say below.



Yesterday was awesome! But today I am even more excited. The panel discussion was to be held at Warner Bros. Records. Before today I had never been inside of Warners Bros. Records.


The first panel discussion was – Music Makes Movies: Song Placement in 2015

On the panel today we had (pictured above from left to right) Robert Jordan (Fox Sports Music Music Supervisor), John Houlihan (Houlihan Film Music), Anastasia Brown (Format Entertainment), Randall Foster (Moderator – Ole) Jennifer Smuckler (LionsGate), Oliver Hild (NBC), Paul Logan (CMT)

First of all, everybody on the panel provided a wealth of information, even after the event was over, the panelists made themselves available to network and answer MORE questions from the songwriters, publishers and artist reps in the crowd.

Topics of discussion were,

(specifically how much do certain spots pay?)
2.) How to pitch to a music supervisor successfully,
3.) What is Metadata and why is it important?
4.) How to find out what types of music Music Supervisors are looking for and many many other things.

Honestly you just had to be there, but if you missed it,
I recorded the whole thing, Just For You. (and anybody else that maybe reading this)  🙂 

Simply hit the play button on the video below. Now certain detailed pieces of information had to be edited out of the video for legal reasons, but for the most part you will get the full experience and knowledge of that they brought forth that day.

I attended 2 more panel discussions after the one you’ll see below, this event was definitely worth the money.


Final Thoughts

Suffice to say I had an awesome time at the Nashville Film Fest this year and I will definitely be attending next year. I recorded tons of video that may not be shown on this page, but if you want to see ALL THE VIDEO FOOTAGE that was taken, head over to the Naz-Sect YouTube Page and subscribe to the channel. 


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