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Did You Know??
Words from the CEO
How To Pitch Music
For those who may not know, Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC is now
beginning January 2015.
In commemoration of the 5 year anniversary Stanley Straughter; the CEO of Naz-Sectis releasing a full length album (over 54 mins of valuable info and content) entitled  "How To Pitch Music for Film, TV and Artists, Volume-1".

The best part about this album is that it was done in interview format, so it’s VERY EASY to understand. Nothing goes over your head since Stanley is speaking in very plain english.

Ultimately the purpose of this album is to share “Must Have” information for those new to licensing and pitching music. It will be made available for Pre-Order on iTunes starting January 6, 2015.

For more info and album snippets please visit:
Featured Artist(s) / Writer(s)
Helga Kaefer
A writer who always moves you with her touching lyrics that are woven with honesty and heartfelt emotion: this is Helga Kaefer.  Hints of Annie Lenox, Coldplay, Indigo Girls, and Michelle Branch makeup the tapestry from which she writes her pop, alternative and Christian songs.

A Jersey girl through and through, Helga has been writing for over 30 years. Her newest song "Beautifully Human" is sure to top the charts.

For more info on Helga Kaefer Click Here.

Naz-Sect Tips & Tidbits

Nobody can GUARANTEE your song will get a placement. Keep pitching and keep promoting, there is never a time that you should stop promoting your music.

The more you put your music out there in the right peoples hands or ears, the greater your chances will be to be successful.


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