X-amount is not only a reggae artist, but a multi-genre songwriter. He is currently performing internationally, working on multiple music projects and also writing songs for some of the top artists in the business.

Check out some of his music and read his biography below. International Singjay Reggae Artiste, X-amount is popping with style & rhythm; unique blends of dancehall, lovers rock, and culture under the umbrella of one sound. Born Gus Knight, III hailing from New York, X-amount has achieved radio promotion on Jamaica’s IRIE FM, ZIP 103, HITZ 92 FM along with a plethora of radio stations throughout the island. Learn More

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Inside Scoop from Music Supes

The Day: July 23, 2015 Location:  The Listening Room, Nashville, TN Imagine walking into a room full of Music Supervisors giving out detailed information about all their current projects on a panel. Then providing their contact information so that all the Music Publishers, Record Labels, Songwriters, Producers and Copyright owners in the room can contact them. This is exactly what happened on Thursday evening July 23, 2015. This event was put together by the Association of …