About Us

Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC is a music publishing and licensing company based in Nashville, TN. The company is owned and operated by Stanley N Straughter. He started the company back in 2010, but 5 years and multiple placements later Stanley is still in love with music and seeking more songwriters to work with.

His goal for 2015 is to start fresh and find the most excellent music and musicians to partner with so that music can be licensed in Trailers, Films, Commercials, TV Shows and with Artists.

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Our first featured artist this year is Charles Bunczk. Charles is an awesome composer and songwriter. His music has been and continues to be pitched by Naz-Sect for multiple Trailers and Films almost on a weekly basis. Check out some of his music and read his biography below. 

In 2004, Charles Bunczk offered to create some original music to accompany a short fictional movie that he was making with a group of friends. Drawing upon his diverse musical education and experience…

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